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My Review Of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

As one of the monsters that has appeared on the big screen and pop culture, Godzilla is probably an iconic one. The shape that is similar to T-Rex feels familiar to the audience, but that did not happen when they saw Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Hollywood rummaged through the ‘DNA’ of Godzilla in this film. Mixing it with human conflict, thus making the monster in the original Japanese version make the destruction of the whole city seem to have a humanitarian mission.

If you feel odd, that’s really what it is. This film has a storyline that makes me really miss watching an old Godzilla movie when he was still moving stiffly and destroying a city made of toys. It’s because the film now feels more fun.

Hollywood has been trying to adapt the story of Japanese or kaiju-style monsters since 1998 with the Godzilla film made by TriStar. The film gained the US $ 379 million from a budget of around US $ 150 million. Luckily, but failed to win the hearts of critics.

An attempt to better describe Godzilla occurred in 2014. Legendary took the monster’s rights from Toho Production and made the film.

The story tells us Godzilla the ancient monster who underwent evolution due to a nuclear attack in 1945 came out of hiding to fight two lice-like monsters – but in a size that could knock down a 30-story building – that wanted to multiply among human life.

The film won the hearts of critics and the box office. The film with a budget of US $ 160 million succeeded in getting a good rating and income of US $ 529.1 million.

Legendary was tempted to make a sequel to Godzilla. Now, combined with a universe of monster stories in the studio, MonsterVerse, Legendary tries to combine myths related to Godzilla and other kaiju monsters with ‘Hollywood-style kaiju’, King Kong.

You can consider it as an attempt to make an “Avengers”-like movie but with monsters instead of heroes.

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