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It’s My Review Of The Lion King (2019)

The Lion King, when the animated version was first released in 1994 and is always replayed many times on television, is a film that can drain emotions and even tears. However, that’s what I didn’t feel when I saw the live-action version this time. If you want to watch this movie too, you can go to https://www.broadway.com/shows/the-lion-king/.

In terms of story, the latest version of The Lion King is exactly the same as the animated version. However, the viewing experience is completely different.

The live-action version starts with the splendor of the wild with the animals in it. The depiction of these two things coupled with the song ‘Circle of Life’ which is the same as the animated version managed to stun the audience.

That honestly can make the audience more enthusiastic and look forward to the next scenes.

However, don’t get your hopes up. Despite similar stories, Disney made a number of differences that actually made pleasant moments not last long.

This difference is evident from the change in behavior in a number of characters, between the animated version with the live-action version. Some characters are no longer ‘as sweet’ as in the animated version, and other characters even feel less emotional.

You could say most of the scenes in The Latest Lion King are expressionless. Worse, the minimal expression and emotion appear in a number of peak scenes which in the animated version can drain tears.

This ‘lack of emotion’ can actually be understood because The Lion King decided to be as close as possible to a real animal.

However, Jon Favreau as director seems to have missed anticipating this problem with other technical aspects.

On the other hand, the presence of Pumba and Timon is actually the helper of this film. They still have the same ‘life’ as the old version. Even more expressive so that it can improve the mood of the audience.

Not only in characters who feel less emotional, but similar problems also occur in the duo of Simba and Nala when singing Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

Romantic moments that should have appeared when they were singing during the twilight of the dusk as in the animated version actually feels much different in this live-action version.

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